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Sanjay Vishwakarma, Astrologer and palmist of repute, is born in Varanasi (India), the seat of oriental Vedic sciences. He is initiated into the specific discipline of Astrology and palmistry in the very early formative years of his life.

His inherent interest and quest for a spiritual journey from the known to the unknown, lead him into the field of Astrology and placed him under the guidance of many great and well reputed scholars and masters in the field of Vedic sciences. Sanjay is giving consults and lectures throughout the whole of Europe.

Due to his expertise, he applies the classical values and aspects of Vedic Astrology in modern society. He has developed a unique way of explaining and expressing his knowledge and analysis to help people move forward in life, without being conservative or Judgmental. Sanjay already has more than 43 years of experience in analysing the very complex calculations of the stars and constellations, advising and coaching people of various ages, cultures and backgrounds. By his tremendous accuracy and his astonishing effective solutions, he has attained both national and international recognition and appreciation over the years.

Vedic Astrology has been considered to be the most accurate and precise addition to daily life

The Tantra is a system of knowledge that will be of much assistance in realising the ideal of life

We are the product of this nature

We are assigned with our own duties and purpose

We all have our own destiny, skills and purpose

Some are known to us but most are hidden

By the use of Astrology the hidden is revealed

Vedic Science

Vedic Astrology aims, like any other branch of Vedic knowledge, at enhancing human welfare by ameliorating all sorts of suffering.

Oriental Vedic Astrology is based on the solar system with all its celestial bodies and planets, which operate with a predictable precision in the zodiac circle of space, surrounding the earth.

The science of Astrology embodies the knowledge and achievements of various scholars and sages throughout the ages. They have helped to expand the very base of the subject providing classifications into three distinct divisions: Sidhant (principle), Ganit (mathematical) and Phalit (predictive). Each division reflects the Kal Chakra, Karma and destiny of every living being.

Vedic Astrology has been considered to be the most accurate and precise addition to daily life, on both short and long term. It functions as a route map in life in all of its aspect.

Classical Tantra

The Tantra is a system of knowledge that will be of much assistance in realising the ideal of life.

Its stands for a code of Sadhana for attaining the knowledge of the self, the twenty-four Tattvas, ten senses of perception and action, five Pranas, mind buddhi, Cit and Ahankara. Besides the Tantras discuss among other Sadhanas such as the method of initiation, sitting postures, paths of yoga, worship of deity, meditator and siddhis.

The tantras are considered by their adherents as Sastra supreme for the current age of Kali, when mankind is living under a heavy load of Adharma, untruth and unrighteousness.

Mukti, the basic usages for slef-existence, self-affirmation and the delight of wordly enjoyment-Bhakti: The Tantras have certain special features which give it a wider appeal than the systems of the Veda.

Tantra discuss the center of energy known as chakras in the body of human beings. They are concerned with the Para Vidya, a knowledge of the ultimate Reality, responsible for the creation, maintenance and destruction of the world.

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– Firstly, tantrism is universal and open to all irrespective of their class or sex. No one is excluded from the shelter of Tantras because of his birth.

– Secondly, one need not, have to undergo long periods of training. The tantras do not pitch so high in demands. These recognize that men are in all stages of development. There are different natures and temperaments and each is to be led by the path natural to him. For this purpose they classify people into three broad clases viz. Pashu, Vira and Divya or Kaula.

Further the Tantras Shastra is described as a Pratyaksha Sastra which, like medicine and Astrology, is verifiable at every step. It is a ration science based upon a doctrine or a set of doctrines which lends itself to be tested by person at any stage. Only faith in the Shastra is not indispensable. “Practise what we say and see the results yourself, then faith will be born” says the Tantra.

To the Tantras we must therefore look if we would understand aright both ritual, yoga and Sadhana of all kinds as they exist to-day, as also the general principles of which these practices are but the objectives expression.


“Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it…” – Albert Einstein

Vedic Astrology beginners

Duration: 6 month
Time: 2 x 4 hours a month
Cost: €795 (study materials included)
Location: Westblaak 92.5 | 3012 KM Rotterdam

In this course the basic horoscope reading will be discussed, you will get the understanding of how to analyze:

– the character, personality

– family, friends

– happiness, domestic situation

– education and career

– health

– emotional life and relationship

– journeys

– spiritual development and purpose of life etc.

Contents of the program:
Part 1 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Part 2 Etiam rhoncus maecenas tempus
Part 3 Nam pretium turpis et arcu

After this basic course there are possibilities for advanced courses that will be provided on demand.


Palmistry Course

Duration: 6 month
Time: 2 x 4 hours a month
Cost: €795 (study materials included)
Location: Westblaak 92.5 | 3012 KM Rotterdam

The science of palmistry, also known as Samudrik Shastra (Sanskrit treatise), is in no way considered to be of less scientific depth than Astrology. It is primarily based on the forms of the hand, lines and mounts on the palm in relation to the individual’s anatomy and various birthmarks on the body.

Palmistry denotes the characters, lifespan, career prospects, emotional life and health of the subject. There is no part of the human body which is more significant in its actions, which is more characteristic in its formation, then the hand.

Palmistry (Samudrik Shastra) is a combined discipline of the three things: Palmistry, Posture of the body and Marks on the body

Contents of the program:
Part 1 Forms of the hands, forms of the body
Part 2 Mounts (Planets) and lines
Part 3 Various marks on the body/palm


Personal Consult

For any advice you have to prepare the following information to discuss during or prior to the appointment:

  1. Date of birth
  2. Place of Birth
  3. Time of birth

This can be obtained from the birth register of your place of birth, or current residence.

If you have questions about your company, then you should discuss the details of the registration of the Chamber of Commerce. At this state the time and date that is needed to give the right advice.

All contacts with Sanjay Vishwakarma are in English, if necessary, any conversation in other languages is possible, translation can be arranged.



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